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7 theatres that have made historyFrom comic opera in the 1700s to Vittorio Gassman and Dario Fo. The Fraschini, Pavia’s historical theatre.
7 theatres that have made historyIn Mantua, the Teatro Bibiena, inaugurated in January 1770 by a very young Mozart.
7 theatres that have made historyThe Teatro della Società, in Lecco, was opened in 1884 with an opera by Donizetti, followed by over a century of drama and opera.
7 theatres that have made historyIn 1806, Luigi Canonica (re)built the Ponchielli in Cremona, one of the finest theatres in Europe.
7 theatres that have made historyThe Teatro Sociale in Como. When was it founded? In 1813, the year that Verdi and Wagner were born.
7 theatres that have made historyBefore the stage, the Foyer: the marvellous entrance to the Teatro Grande in Brescia.
7 theatres that have made historyMore than 80 wooden boxes for the cultural heart of Bergamo. The Teatro Sociale is in the Upper Town.

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5 places for aperitifsA glass of wine, obviously from the nearby Oltrepo area, in the square. The favourite aperitif for the citizens of Pavia.
5 places for aperitifsHow to end the day in Lecco? With a relaxing aperitif overlooking the lake!
5 places for aperitifsIn Bergamo, in the Lower Town, the perfect pavement café to enjoy a spritz with friends, after work.
5 places for aperitifsTwilight falls and the centre of Como becomes livelier. In the square, friends meet.
5 places for aperitifsIn Sondrio the best location is in Piazza Garibaldi. With a glass of Sforzato di Valtellina DOCG.
7 frescoes to be admiredIn Varese, the frescoes in the fifteen chapels on the Sacro Monte, UNESCO World Heritage Site.
7 frescoes to be admiredAt the Visconti Castle in Pavia, to admire the beautiful frescoed ceiling of the Sala Azzurra.
7 frescoes to be admiredChurch of San Sigismondo in Cremona. To see frescoes by Boccaccino and by the Campi brothers.
7 frescoes to be admiredIn Brescia, in the Santa Giulia complex, the Church of San Salvatore and the ancient refectory.
7 frescoes to be admiredInternational Gothic style in the nave and side aisles of the Church of San Francesco in Lodi.
7 frescoes to be admiredMantua and the most romantic of frescoes: the Camera degli Sposi by Andrea Mantegna.
7 frescoes to be admiredAbove the altar of San Michele Maggiore in Pavia, the splendid Coronation of St. Mary.
8 places where you can enjoy greeneryExotic plants, avenues and fountains. Welcome to the park of Villa Toeplitz, in Varese.
8 places where you can enjoy greeneryJogging through the parks in Sondrio, deeply breathing in the fragrant mountain air.
8 places where you can enjoy greeneryIn the South Adda Park in Lodi, for a walk through sunlit unspoilt nature.
8 places where you can enjoy greenery“Kilometre of Knowledge”. Walking along the lakeside path amongst the stately villas of Como.
8 places where you can enjoy greeneryAt the foot of the splendid Upper Town, through the Parco dei Colli, Bergamo’s green lungs.
8 places where you can enjoy greeneryOn the shores of the Mantua lakes, in the Mincio Park. A landscape of land and water.
8 places where you can enjoy greeneryIn Monza Park, for a picnic, or a run or a walk with your dog. Truly relaxing.
8 places where you can enjoy greeneryRelaxing, with a good book, under the tall trees in the gardens of Cremona.

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